Raines School Song

Since upon the throne of England
First was hailed the name of George,
Raine's with unabated ardour
Set to work a chain to forge;
Link by link a chain of honour,
O'er two centuries the span;
Ever Raineians learned their duty-
Duty both to God and Man.
Hear the praises of our Founder
From the Valleys of the Past,
In the Mountains of the Future
Seek the bourne we'll reach at last
Never was a better motto
Since the world and man began:
Day by day to learn our duty-
Duty both to God and Man.
As of old there shall be always
Ready for their duty's call,
Though their deeds be unrecorded,
Heroines and heroes all,
Trooping from Raine's well-loved portal
Where their zest for life began,
Day by day who learnt their duty-
Duty both to God and Man
Sing that Raine's may live for ever
Under God's all-guiding hand,
And its scholars leave its glory
In the history of the land.
Praise the highest, aid the weakest,
Cheer your fellows all you can,
Enter in and learn your duty-
Duty both to God and Man.
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Old Raineians' Association
...Three Centuries the span...