Who We Are

The Old Raineians’ Association (ORA) exists to:

  1. Provide a forum for former members of the school to remain in touch with each other by producing regular newsletters and arranging reunions
  2. Maintain a supportive relationship with the school
  3. Preserve the memorabilia of the school and the association
  4. Promote the history and name of the school

The School has been known by the following names:

  1. Raines Foundation School
  2. Raines Foundation Grammar School
  3. Raines Girls School
  4. Raines Boys School

The most recent locations are:

  1. Currently in Approach Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9LY
  2. Arbour Square E1 0PT
  3. Cannon Street Road
  4. Raines Street (Charles Street)

Tell Everyone!

However you found this site, we hope that you have enjoyed looking at it. Please tell your Old Raineian friends about it and encourage them to use it regularly.

Of course, there are other ways to contact your old schoolmates; you might try using some of the social networking web sites and hope that someone picks up your message and replies to your enquiry.

We hope that this site will encourage you to join the Old Raineians' Association, that you will find out where your friends are and what they are doing through our newsletters and that our annual reunions will be where you choose to meet your friends and renew old aquaintances. So make sure that you don't miss the next one!

You might be surprised at how many Old Raineians there are, so don't hold back and when you meet someone new to you, tell them where you went to school, because they might have gone there too!
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Old Raineians' Association
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