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Old Raineians’ Association Memory Lane

On this page we take a trip down memory lane. Select a photo from the drop down list above and click Continue.

Many people send in photos with missing names. Let us know if you can put a name to a ’?’ in the following or any other pages within this web site.

Memory Lane
Rugby 1st XV 1956/1957
Photo on School Roof
Back Row Left to Right ?, ?, ?, Oag
3rd Row Left to Right Biffer Broughton, Kyle, ?, ?, R Exley, Rusty Ironmonger
2nd Row Left to Right ?, ?, Alan Pratt Cpt, ?,?
Front Row Left to Right Davison, ?, J Smith
 Old Raineians Association Rugby 1st XV 1956/1957  
Contributed by Roger Exley
Original Date - 1956

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